New hobbies, new hangouts, and Christmas!   
06:24pm 12/20/2006
mood: vexed

So J and I have started to frequent the My Favorite Cigar bar in Brownsburg.  What an awesome place.  I cannot express how great this place truly is.  Their humodor is lovely, their beer very nice (insert Borat impression here), and the place just screams "LAID BACK!", even though screaming such a thing wouldn't be laid back.

I started playing Viva Pinata a few days ago.  I think it's a game much better suited for Tasha and I to play.  I feel like way to much of a little girl while I play.  When I start thinking these fake animals are sooooo cute, that's when I throw in Madden or Call of Duty 2 for the 360 to get some nice, manly nazi-killing in to make me feel better.

Christmas is almost here.  My shopping is done except for my dad, my aunt, and Tasha's parents.  Tasha has two presents coming.  She will like them.  I keep telling her that I got her nothing, but that's a lie.  I actually walked out back and wrapped two bricks.  I think she's going to like them. ;)  I'll make her post pictures of them after Christmas.

The racing season is almost starting again.  I've been invited to my league's Race of Champions, so I'll be able to get back into the groove before our full '07 season starts in February.

Anyway, I'm stoked about this Saturday.  My parents, Jeremy, tasha, and I are going to see some great Irish music for my dad's birthday and then I'm giving Tasha her presents.

So I'm out for now.  Merry Christmas to all those who matter.  You all know who you are.  And if you're wondering if I mean you, then I obviously I don't.


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WHy do I even bother?   
08:17am 12/17/2006
  Why the hell do I even bother eating Fruit Loops?  It's like eating a bunch of razor blades that are artificially flavored to resemble some sort of fruit taste.  My mouth hurts and it feels like it should be bleeding.  Toucan Sam shall pay for this!  
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01:25am 12/11/2006

I've been up and down getting sick since I climbed in to bed for the night.  It's apparently obvious that Tony Dungy's excuse for a defense does, in fact, cause physical illness.  Thanks Tony. :(

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Enough is enough   
10:13pm 12/10/2006

Granted I've only been watching football since I was 10 (so we're talking 1993 or so), but what I saw today from the Colts was the worst football game I've ever seen.  Not only was it ugly, but it cost us a couple of starters due to injury.  It's time for someone to be held accountable.  Ron Meeks has not done the job.  Weeks ago we were told that the defense wasn't great, but we're undefeated so it can't be that bad.  Then we heard that the defense wasn't great, but we're 10-1.  Last week we heard, from Bill Polian himself, that the defense is fixable and we're 10-2.  Now we're 10-3, we've lost the #1 AFC seed lead (for the time being), and we gave up the 2nd worst rush defense outting in NFL history.  Obviously Tom Moore needs to get this offense going, because it's as stale as a box of gas station crackers, but the offense isn't going to win a game when we give up 370+ rushing yards.  Enough is enough.  The Dungy 2 experiment has not worked.  I'm out (like half of our secondary) -

P.S. - Cato June was a safety in college.  Why don't we stick him back in the secondary while the Sandman and Bethea heal?  Aw fuck it, that won't solve anything.

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Kill kill kill!   
07:53pm 11/30/2006
  My new toy. :)

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Great Billy Joel reference in Punisher War Journal #4 coming out in a month or so...   
09:08pm 11/23/2006
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"Every muzzle flash means one more monster gone"   
05:37pm 11/21/2006
  Yay, Tasha picked up my Punisher comics! :D

I had a great time at dinner last night with Tasha, J, and Renee. Lots of fun. We should hang out much more often.
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Oh fuckbeans   
06:14am 11/16/2006

Well, feeling sick all week has finally caught up with me.

I'll have to call work in a couple of hours.

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01:04am 11/11/2006
  RIP Jack Palance

Big time bummer. :(
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I'm sore   
06:34am 11/10/2006
  I'm sore this morning from laughing so hard.  Why you ask?  Because last night, my dad, my brother, and I went and saw Borat in Avon.  I have never laughed so hard in my life.  All I can say is that if you like to laugh (and are a guy, especially) or you like Sasha Baron Cohen, you owe it to yourself to go check this out.  This movie is wonderfully offensive every minute it's playing.  
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12:00am 11/06/2006

And then, there was one... undefeated team, that is.

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Best. Smiley. Ever.   
12:35pm 11/05/2006

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I'm in love   
02:23pm 10/29/2006
  And it's name is DP01.  ::drool::

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The best way to admit ignorance   
10:36pm 10/09/2006
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Just wondering...   
10:56am 10/06/2006
  Anyone remember the days when the Pacers weren't a bunch of fucking thugs? Like the Reggie, Smits, Jackson, Workman days?

I miss those. A lot.
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I'm tired, I'm the fucking man, new car, not sick (let's hope)   
04:23am 10/01/2006
mood: pessimistic
So I set my alarm for 1:30am est. to watch the F1 race (live from Shainghai).  I love rain races, but there is usually too much chaos to keep track of.  Plus F1's directors suck balls.

I was afraid I was getting the demon flu that my dad has had, so I went to bed early, but I think I just was sick to my stomach.  I didn't eat anything until dinner and I spent most of the day fishing with Jimbo and walking along (and in) White Lick Creek.  We did find a bunch of nice spots we'd never uncovered before and we both caught fish (Brett: 2 bass, 1 crappie, 1 blue gill; Jim: 2 bass).  Then I came home and had a Guinness and a half, which probably didn't help matters.  Speaking of Guinness, check out the new paintjob I made for my league.  I am the fucking man.

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Road America   
05:54pm 09/28/2006
  Here is a short article I wrote for my league's newsletter about my trip to Road America.  Below is a picture of me at the track, but you have to look close (like "Where's Waldo" close).

This weekend was a special weekend for me, as I went to my first Champcar race.  I've been an open-wheel fan since before the split and naturally, living in Indianapolis when I was younger, I went to the track for qualifying and for practice.  I had never been to an open-wheel race at Indy and then after the split, I never really had the motivation to go.  I did get to go to several US Grand Prix's at IMS, however, and found the experience to be something I can't convey in words.  I enjoyed going to the '98 Brickyard 400, however the F1 race was something even more special to me.

            This weekend that memory was topped, however, by visiting one of the truest road courses in America.  Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin is truly amazing.  The landscape is beautiful, the grass bright green and lush, and the design simply brilliant.  I'd highly recommend a trip to anyone interested in open-wheel racing or road racing.

            My journey started out early Saturday morning as my brother and I took off with minimal luggage and not too much cash in our pockets.  We arrived in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Saturday night and stayed near our little hotel all night long.  We only ventured out to buy a few cigars and enjoy Notre Dame at a Callahan's.  Other than the woman working behind the counter at the Days Inn, our reception was warm.

            We arrived at the track Sunday for Champcar warm-ups and backed our truck in next to the concrete wall at the start of T14 - the sharp right-hander that sends everyone up the one of the biggest hills in racing and down one of the fastest straights in open-wheel.  We were allotted a great view as we stood (or leaned) in the back of his truck’s bed.  After we had secured our seats we headed to the paddock (our $50 race tickets included free paddock passes) and ran into Champcar star Justin Wilson and former Champcar star (and BGN toe-dipper) Jimmy Vasser.  After I purchased an AJ Allmendinger hat and a Katherine Legge shirt for my girlfriend, I had a quick burger, and we were ready for the main event.

The race was fast and furious, more than we realized until I got home and watched the taped Speed broadcast.  AJ Allmendinger passed Sebastian Bourdais with less than ten laps to go and had his lead erased by a horrific crash that caused a 40-minute red flag.  Without the help of a TV screen near our turn, we were all left in the dark as to how bad the crash was, but the PA announcers were grim about the details.  All we knew was that Katherine Legge had crashed hard, her wicker coming off of the back wing, and that the catch fence needed major repairs.  Immediately the worse thought jumped into my mind and I was afraid we'd lost yet another bright star in motor racing.  Our fears were relieved, however, when the PA announcer (as well as my girlfriend on my cell phone) relayed the news that she had just walked from the medical center and was smiling!  What a trooper!  The last few laps were relatively low-key and AJ Allmendinger went on to win his 5th race this season.  In victory lane he proclaimed, "I'm not letting a French guy (Bourdais) clinch (the championship) on American soil!”  I was especially thankful he didn't allow it to happen.  It was sad leaving, knowing work and my normal life was waiting for me at home, but I felt better when my brother looked at me and said "Yeah, we're definitely coming back next year."  Road America- look out - The Patterson brothers are coming back in '07!


Anyhow, look in the circle of this picture and you'll see me, standing in the bed of Little Bastard II in the green thermal jacket Tasha got me a while back.  I'm surprised you can't see the huge grin on my face from being that close to those cars. :)

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08:32am 09/23/2006
  And we're off.  A fun trip, sure... but I can't wait to get back home to those who love me. :)

Everyone have a great weekend!
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That's a big Ten-Fo'   
06:06pm 09/21/2006

Jeremy and I are driving to Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin for this weekend's ChampCar race.  Woohoo!  Sean's letting us use his CB, too. 

"That's a big 10-4 from the Brothers Grimm headin' at ya from Indy, there driver, c'mon!"

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Please look to the circled area   
05:45pm 09/15/2006

Jim and I went to Marsh for lunch today.  What appeared to be a flamboyant gay man rang me up (not tha there's anything wrong with that).  Below was what I got back in return. :)

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