Chainsaw (lupinehominid) wrote,


I just pulled this off of the Sci-Fi website...

Lucas: Indy IV Films In '07

George Lucas on Dec. 29 said that filming of the long-awaited fourth Indiana Jones movie will begin next year, the Associated Press reported.

Harrison Ford, who appeared in the three earlier films, is set to star again. Lucas said he and director Steven Spielberg recently finalized the script for the film.

Lucas kept mum about the plot, but said that the latest installment will be a "character piece" that will include "very interesting mysteries. ... I think it's going to be really cool," Lucas said.

"It's going to be fantastic. It's going to be the best one yet," the 62-year-old filmmaker said during a break from preparing for his duties as grand marshal of Monday's Rose Parade, the AP reported.

Exact film locations have not been decided yet, but Lucas said part of the movie will be shot in Los Angeles.

The fourth chapter of the Indiana Jones saga will hit theaters in May 2008.

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