Chainsaw (lupinehominid) wrote,

Super Bowl XLI Champs!

I still can't believe it.  My dad told us stories all through the years of the four disapointments he had to deal with as a Vikings' fan growing up in Minneapolis.  I'm just glad he, Jeremy, and I were able to watch our team win the Super Bowl.  I'm not sure if it makes up for the Vikes' losses, but it's a great feeling.  I had Tasha take a pic of us together right after the game ended, each of us in our Colts gear with our celebratory beers raised.  What a day.  What a season.

Now if only my VHS tape of the game didn't run out two hours into it. :-\  Damn SP/EX/SLP setting! :-O

Tags: champions, colts, dungy, manning, super bowl, xli
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