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Chainsaw's War Journal

Irish trash

24 January 1983
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Before you read on I must confess to you. I am ritually impure. The only miracle I can work is what I like to call the "Dark Trick."

I'm irrepressible, unforgivable, unstoppable, shameless, thoughtless, hopeless, running rampant, the wild child, undaunted, unrepentant, unsaved.

Now with that being said...

That's all bullshit. I'm not gonna lie and write something that sounds all dark and depressing to make you think that I'm interesting. I'm ChainSaw... just a nickname from junior high school, not my real name... that would be Brett. I'm a writer. This is not my job, but it is what I attempt to be everyday. Screenplays, short stories, poetry, ect. I have finished two full length screenplays, one of which will be made into an inde pic(date on hold). I love vampires, I love werewolves, I love anything that has to do with the uncontrollable monster within. I'm also into tattoo's, though not as deeply as my my buddy J-Dawg. If you enjoy my journal, then I'm happy I could entertain you. If not, I don't give a fuck. This isn't for you, it's for me.

Oh yeah, and I'm an asshole.

"I hear Hell's bells calling me... it's time to boogie." -Lestat

"I'm Feelin' bad, but I'll die for those six inches" - Chainsaw Durden 8/15/2002